How to Create A Wildly Successful EFT Practice



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How to Create A Wildly Successful EFT Practice

Tap Into the Wisdom of Heart Centered,
Inspiring & Prosperous EFT Practitioners

You are passionate about EFT. You have a gift. You love helping people and you want to make a difference in the world. There are literally thousands of people out there in need of your services.

And you’re still earning pocket money.

I know that because I’ve observed plenty of EFT Practitioners unable to build a thriving EFT Practice. Demoralized, hopeless and overwhelmed, they give up. And I also know that because I was in that exact situation – until I cleared my limiting beliefs and developed a new business skill set. I went from having about three clients a week, to having a wait list EFT Practice and needing to refer out.

But there’s a dirty little secret in the EFT community: an enormous number of EFT Practitioners are struggling. They’re frightened of, or don’t know how to, market themselves. They’re unclear who they want to work with, and they’re uncomfortable receiving a payment which reflects their value and expertise. In short, they haven’t yet mastered the mindset of the highly successful EFT Practitioner!

If all of this is sounding uncomfortably familiar then this is the radio show to listen to!

The How to Create a Wildly Successful EFT Practice Radio Show is specifically designed for struggling EFT Practitioners who are determined to generate a thriving EFT business making more than enough money, while being of service to the world.


One of Annabel’s greatest strengths as a teacher is her ability to communicate clearly. She listens carefully and responds in a direct and respectful manner. I always feel heard and I always feel that my concern or question has been answered — and more importantly, that if it hasn’t I both free to and encouraged to ask again. That is the hallmark of an excellent teacher in my opinion. Those qualities combined with her expertise and comprehensive knowledge of EFT, both in theory and in practise, make her a great mentor and enthusiastic educator. I highly recommend Annabel as a teacher to anyone wanting to learn more about EFT for either personal or professional reasons. –  Miranda McLaws


Join Annabel Fisher, and her inspiring EFT Practitioner guests every other Monday at 11am PST as they show you how to:

• Identify with your purpose so you are clear on your strengths and who you want to work with
• Dissolve any blocks around being paid for the fabulous work you do
• Attract amazing clients who love paying you for your skills and expertise
• Overcome your fears around the “M” word (marketing)
• Understand how to reach out and delegate so your time is spent on the things you excel at, and rather than draining your energy, you strengthen it
• Value yourself as much as your clients value you – what else is possible?
• Recognize what’s required to build a prosperous EFT Practice


Having completed half of my advanced EFT practitioner programme, I can say that Annabel is a terrific mentor and trainer. She’s supportive, keenly in tune with her students and has a wealth of EFT knowledge which she freely shares. Her journey of recovery from Chronic Fatigue to living a vibrant healthy life is inspiring and a true testament to the healing powers of EFT. Thank you, Annabel!  – Patricia McAdam, Wellness & Life Coach at Empowered Coaching


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It is my good fortune to have Annabel as a trainer and mentor. She is that rare combination of skilled practitioner and gifted teacher with a passion for helping others succeed. I am profoundly impressed with the business she has created and her commitment to those that she works with.  – Larisse Goldstein, EFT and MR Practitioner & Hypnotherapist, THRIVE TAPPING


Annabel Fisher started her EFT Practice in 2005 on a shoestring: With no money to speak of, and still recovering from the long term effects of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), Annabel started her first EFT practice in Cornwall, England. Having used all her savings to facilitate her recovery from illness, what she lacked in financial resources, she made up for in sheer determination!

During the years which followed, Annabel spent a lot of time, money and energy establishing a thriving, home-based, heart-felt EFT Practice in BC, Canada. She used her own experiences to establish her niche in working with chronically ill clients, via phone or Skype, around the world.

A Certified AAMET EFT Practitioner and Trainer, and Certified Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner and Trainer, Annabel now focuses her attention on training and mentoring students to become masterful Certified EFT Practitioners, and empowering them to create wildly successful EFT Practices.


 Annabel has so much knowledge & experience to share. Her knowledge is not just from being a practitioner or trainer but because she healed herself from a serious illness. She isn’t content with us just doing the training, she wants us to be the very best and she encourages us constantly. She makes sure we are prepared to deal with all clients, and she makes herself available to us at all times. She also ensures that all of the students are part of an EFT community, which means we are comfortable to share our vulnerability, feel safe to practice EFT together, and learn from one another. Her training is worth every penny I love her!  – Sofia Reis, EFT & MR Practitioner, owner of Fort Langley Colonics

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Annabel has supported me not only through my training to become a successful EFT Practitioner but also in my own personal transformation during this process. Her program has been easy to follow even with a busy schedule of being a mom. And her mentoring support has been there for me even if it was last minute. I would highly recommend Annabel to anyone interested in learning more about EFT or becoming a practitioner. Thank you Annabel!  – Jackie McDonald 

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