Austin Wyse & Jo Phillips

How to Communicate at a Subconscious Level

Are you having problems getting your point across at work, at home, with friends?

Do you find it hard to connect with people and build meaningful relationships?

Clear communication is at the heart of everything we do yet so often we don’t achieve the results we desire.

Very often this is because people have learnt how to talk and not necessarily how to communicate.

In this episode of ‘I Am Healing – Tapping Into the Infinite Power of Your Subconscious’, Austin and Jo will share insights into how to communicate at a subconscious level so that you can begin to connect with yourself and other people in deeper and more empowering way. They will share powerful language patterns that you can begin to use straight away, offer 3 tips on how to become a supreme communicator and end with a reflection on how to understand and be understood.

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Austin Wyse & Jo PhillipsHOSTS: Austin Wyse and Jo Phillips are the hosts of ‘I Am Healing’. Austin is a self development author who specialises in the power of the subconscious exists as a resource for his books, audio and events. Jo Phillips is a radio presenter and writer who worked in BBC and commercial radio in the UK for over 15 years, her passion is helping people to communicate ‘new-thinking’ messages of health and wellbeing. To help you access the wisdom of your subconscious, Austin and Jo would like to give you the first chapter of their popular book “I Am Healing”. Please visit where you will also be able to schedule your free individual 30 minute consultation.

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