How I Got Tapping Into Schools

EFT Practitioner Monica Broadfoot Johnson, M.Ed. School Counseling & Guidance, has answers to the popular question, “How do I get tapping into schools?”!

TappingStar founders Sue Tarlton and Jondi Whitis welcome Monica, with her deep experience with this subject and her generous heart in sharing it.

Encountering resistance? Don’t know where to start in bringing EFT into the classroom? This is the place!

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Want to know more? Contact Monica Broadfoot Johnson to purchase an educator’s guide.

TappingStar hosts, Jondi Whitis and Sue Hubbard Tarlton, are certified EFT practitioners ready to help and advise you on getting tapping into schools, camps, groups, families and organizations. to speak on how she’s been able to make a difference in her local schools and how you can offer workshops and training that will make a difference in your school.

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