Holiday Survival Tapping!

Oh the glorious Holidays! A time for good cheer and love…or is it? Is there a relative you’re dreading seeing? Do you end up angry, irritated, or hurt by something someone says? Would you have a great holiday if it weren’t for some of the relatives, friends, or acquaintances you have to deal with?

The holidays can be a joyous and stressful time of year. The joy comes from the spirit of the season – the lights, decorations, music, yummy treats, giving to others, open hearts. The stress often comes from our interactions with family, friends, and acquaintances – how they act towards us, what they say to us, our expectations of them, or just general frustration with the same old stuff every year.

We’ll use two tapping protocols today that can offer you a life line during the holidays. You’ll learn how to clear the energy of someone who is upsetting you and you’ll learn how to put your body in harmony with someone for a more peaceful and content experience.

Don’t be a victim to the same old patterns with people at the holidays. Instead empower yourself with these tapping protocols to change your experiences!

Tapping protocols used are excerpted from the book, Coming Back to Balance:

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Stacey Vornbrock, M.S. is pioneering the use of EFT with professional and amateur athletes to release mental, emotional, physical, and mechanical blocks on the cellular level. She is recognized as the leading expert and an innovator in the use of EFT with sports performance. Find out more about EFT Sports Performance Coach, Stacey Vornbrock.

Professional and amateur athletes who are interested in private sessions with Stacey may call her at 480-945-9750.

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