Highly Sensitive Children: Rue Hass on TappingStar

TappingStar welcomes wonderful Rue Hass for an insightful conversation about working with Sensitive Temperaments.  Are you a “sensitive”? Do you work with children who are shy, easily cowed, upset or seem to disappear?  Gain masterful and thought-provoking insights on how we can better understand and help those with this tender temperament.  Rue’s lovely discussion about helping to instill in children their beauty as “deeper capacity humans” is a marvel you won’t forget.

If you’ve heard Rue before, you know how she skillfully leads us to a place where we learn to see ourselves in new and deeper levels.  If you resonate with the Sensitive Type description, you’ll find that healing our own emotional bruising is not only possible, but also keeps us “out of the way” as we help others.

And let’s talk about your story:  are you tired of being labeled “Too Sensitive”?  How do we avoid being labeled by labels?  How can we relate to Sensitives in ways that support and permit them to open up to all you have to offer them?

Rue Hass is located in Boulder, Colorado.  She has been in private practice since 1986 as an Intuitive Mentor/Life Path Coach, using what she describes as “profoundly light-hearted strategies for unsticking stuck stuff.” A former university teacher, and teacher/tutor of highly sensitive children, over the years she has sought out broad and deep training in psycho-spiritual philosophy and therapies. Rue is the author of several books and EFT products; you can reach her at her website, IntuitiveMentoring.com.


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