Alina Frank on EFT Radio

Help! I’m Dating My Mother/Father!

You remember the day it finally dawned on you?

The day when you suddenly realized that the person you are involved with romantically is a lot like mom or dad?


What could be more infuriating?

Well, these patterns are set up for a reason and Alina along with behaviorist Juli Vinik share with you the reasons early inputs are there and most importantly how to use EFT to stop repeating the pattern and attracting relationships with the same person with a different name.

This show will give you a major boost in your ability to attract and keep the love of your life.

Juli and Alina lead an ongoing 6 week online course which has attained a remarkable 98% successful happy marriage rate. find out more here.

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Alina Frank is one of the top independently rated EFT Practitioners. Find out more about EFT Practitioner and Relationship and Intimacy Expert Expert Alina Frank.

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