Heart-Centered Living Gets Eclipsed By Cognitive Gridlock?

Do you feel …

  • Overwhelmed by the choices in your life?
  • Haunted by the false beliefs “downloaded” from childhood?
  • Challenged by the complexities and obstacles presented in today’s world?
  • Fearful of trusting yourself so you put your faith in others to choose for you?

Last week Cathryn talked with Gregg Braden about the false assumptions of science (Gregg Braden, Deep Truth) which build on the false beliefs we downloaded in childhood (which Bruce Lipton talks about in the Biology of Belief) which leave us susceptible to the manipulation of false prophets (Rebecca Costas, Watchman’s Rattle) which leads us further from our authentic self.

Tune in to hear Cathryn tie these three concepts together and illustrate how Interactive Tapping can offer relief!

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