Healthy Self, Healthy Business – Create a Thriving EFT Practice

Do you love helping others? Is that enough to create a healthy EFT business?

If you are eager to establish an EFT Practice which brings you joy AND profits, you really need to become a master in:

  • how to authentically market yourself and the service you offer;
  • how to attract your ideal client;
  • how to easily and comfortably receive a payment which feels right for you, and your client, and above all,
  • how to have fun as you do all of those things!

Growing a successful business starts from the inside out.

During today’s show, Annabel Fisher and Alina Frank will be discussing the mindset, as well as the skill set, required to create a thriving EFT Practice – they’ll be tapping on potential blocks to success; fears around charging for your services, and resistance to marketing yourself.

They’ll also be sharing their own experiences of building wait-list EFT Practices, the highs and lows, what stood in their way and how they overcame the hurdles.

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About Alina Frank:  Alina has a successful private practice,  having worked with over 2000 clients from around the world on the phone, in person and Skype. She is a certified trainer with the EFT Universe and has been mentoring practitioners since

About Annabel Fisher:  Annabel works primarily over the phone, or via Skype, with clients around the world who are struggling with their health. Besides working privately with clients, she has been an authorized Practitioner Trainer with the AAMET since


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