Alina Frank

Healing from Sexual Injury and Trauma – There is Hope

The emotions surrounding sexual trauma are often very intense and complicated and they can affect every area of our lives. But even just thinking about addressing them can be paralyzing.

Join me and Alina Frank – EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Master ( – as we talk about how to safely begin the process of healing from sexual from trauma. Which traumas and emotions can you handle on your own? Which are better to work on with a practitioner. How are the guilt and shame and judgment making it worse and how can you address this in a non-threatening way?

The most important take-home message of this interview is that THERE IS HOPE. Alina and I (Karen Donaldson) have worked with countless women on their healing journeys and have helped them find peace in so many areas of their lives – including peace with food, their weight, their bodies, and their sexuality.

If you have a history of sexual injury in your life, I compassionately invite you to schedule a complimentary phone or Skype session with me, Karen Donaldson,  to learn how powerful healing techniques can help you lose the physical AND the emotional weight. Email me at [email protected] or go to to schedule.

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