Happy Healthy Holidays

Would you like to have more time, less stress AND less fat to start off the NEW YEAR?

Angela is here to help you have a fabulous holiday season! As an energy healer Angela has helped hundreds of people to heal from illness and adopt healthy patterns! Learn to avoid holiday weight-gain AND float through family drama!
Today, your Million Dollar Mindset Tapping host, EFT expert Marla Tabaka, is going to introduce you to Angela Bell and together we will take a look at holiday eating patterns and the stress that causes them.

About Angela – Sitting in her doctor’s office at the age of 28 and hearing that she had the heart function of a 92 year old woman due to the constant emotional stress in her life; Angela began a complete evolution…mind, body and spirit. Leaving behind Fibromyalgia and the painful thoughts and patterns that led to the illness, Angela’s passion became to instill in others the ability to “flow and glow” in their life whatever the present condition is.

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