Hakomi Global Summit

Hakomi Global Summit – Free Online Event

Do you want to go beyond limiting beliefs, old traumas, and addictive spirals?

Or are you a practitioner looking for the most effective way to holistically support your clients with real breakthroughs and lasting results?

If either (or both!) of these is true for you, I want to invite you to join me for The Hakomi Global Summit to understand breakthrough healing techniques that can transform your life — personally, professionally and relationally.

Hakomi is one of the most fascinating and effective integrative approaches to our growth that has emerged at the interface of psychology and spiritual practice.

You’ll hear from 15+ of the world’s top Hakomi experts speaking at this unprecedented gathering — including Jon Eisman, Julie Murphy, Shai Lavie, David Fish, Maci Daye, Donna Martin and many others — presenting on every dimension of this innovative approach to personal growth.

You will be able to access powerful practices and cutting-edge techniques for healing through mindfulness, presence and embodied psychology….

RSVP here for The Hakomi Global Summit — at no charge.

Many transformative practices either draw on the wisdom of soul, the insights of the mind OR the healing of the body. But as you’ll experience in this event, very few are as truly multidimensional as Hakomi — which offers healing on biological, psychological, emotional AND spiritual levels.

Hakomi Global Summit

What’s so extraordinary about Hakomi is the way it synthesizes the best of time-tested Eastern and Western modalities into one all-encompassing dynamic method that aims to transform the person as a whole.

During the groundbreaking 3-day Hakomi Global Summit, you’ll discover:

• Key practices for psychological & spiritual healing
• Fully integrative approach to transformation work
• Greater vision, clarity & movement in the areas where you’re stuck
• Ways to deeply root into your authentic Self
• How to transform beliefs that cause unnecessary suffering & block emotional nourishment
• Expanded mind-body awareness for holistic healing
• Greater intimacy & connections with others

And if you want to deepen your knowledge of Hakomi for your professional practice, with this summit, you’ll also discover:

• Greater inspiration, aliveness & efficacy in your work
• How to offer loving embodied presence in a way that’s most healing for your clients — & yourself.
• Powerful techniques for teaching through experiences vs. words
• Mindfulness practices for getting below your clients’ surface stories & projections
• Insights on Body Tracking for a more direct relationship with the unconscious
• Practices to help unfold experiences with couples, moment-to-moment
• A sense of belonging in a community of healers who can support you with where you are on your journey

For more details or to register, visit The Hakomi Global Summit Information Page here

The sessions in this summit are relevant for professionals and practitioners, as well as illuminating and beneficial for those on a path of personal exploration.

Join today to learn from the top Hakomi experts — working in fields from bodywork to therapy to business consulting….

And get ready to unlock the potential that’s available to each and every one of us when we learn to harness the transformative power of this exciting approach to healing and personal growth.

Hakomi Global Summit

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