Grief of Losing a Beloved Animal with Annabel Fisher

Our animal companions are like family members. Their devotion, lack of bias, companionship, and unconditional love makes their loss seem insurmountable.

There can be so many complications with the passing a beloved animal companion, including having to make the decision as to when the animal has to be “let go.”

And then when the animal has passed, how do we deal with this grief, the loss of our best friend? Occasionally there is also some guilt: Did I do enough? Should I have done things differently?

Join Susanne Peach as she and guest Annabel Fisher explore this very sensitive topic. Susanne had her beloved soul-dog, Major, pass away 2 years ago, which was completely devastating. This created a better protocol for helping her clients process their own grief. Annabel experienced her fair share of grief when her beloved cat and hamster passed away.

And if your animals are still with you might learn how to make decisions that are in the best interest of your animal companions BEFORE they pass away.

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EFT tapping for animalsSusanne Peach is a world renown Animal Energy Behaviorist who can help you with your puzzling animal situation, ailing or troubled animal, and help your animal live a balanced life. Animaleze is an innovative technique that complements other methods, and can help you understand your beloved animal better, creating a tighter bond. This uses a modified version of EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques, as well as some other modalities. Animaleze has successfully been used to help animals overcome emotional, behavioral, mental and physical challenges.It’s Susanne’s life’s mission to teach people around the world how to use Animaleze, changing, and improving the lives of all creatures great and small. You can reach her at 303-926-5414 or [email protected] –

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