Gregg Braden and Cathryn Taylor talk about Deep Truths!

My theme for this month is the heart of inner child work and no one has inspired me more to live in a heart-centered way than Gregg Braden. Today, Gregg joins me to speak about his latest work called, Deep Truth: Igniting the Memory of Our Origin, History, Destiny and Fate which was released late 2011.

“New discoveries regarding our origin, our past, and the most deeply held ideas about our existence give us reasons to rethink the traditional beliefs that define our world and our lives-beliefs that stem from the false assumptions of an incomplete and outdated science. When we do, the solutions to life’s challenges become obvious, and the choices become clear. “

Tune in and hear how you can personally make a difference! And mark your calendars for my next broadcast scheduled for Feb. 22nd to see how Interactive Tapping™ can neutralize reactions to these false assumptions and how heart-centered, meditative tapping techniques can be used to bring your heart and brain into the coherence that enables you to attain and sustain heart-centered living.

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Cathryn Taylor is known as the “Mother of the Inner Child.” Author of the bestselling Inner Child Workbook, Cathryn was one of five authors who popularized this concept in the late 80’s and early 90’s. She has dedicated her professional career to assisting others in arresting their addictive behaviors, healinig their childhood wounds and connecting with their authentic self.  Find out more about EFT Practitioner and Inner Child Expert, Cathryn Taylor.

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