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I don’t really know you, but if you are here, I feel like I probably know a lot about you already. You’ve probably been struggling with your weight for a long time. Maybe you’ve lost weight (more times than you can count) just to turn around and gain it back again.

Trust me, I get it! I’ve been there….

This was me at 285 pounds out celebrating my Masters graduation but it was a night that I couldn’t really feel the impact of my accomplishments.

Lose Weight with EFTMy weight struggles took over my life, impacting all of my efforts to get ahead and consuming all of my energy. I remember often thinking to myself “who could I be and what could I accomplish if I didn’t spend so much time thinking about my weight, worrying about how I looked, confused about what I should and shouldn’t be eating?”

If you can identify with any of this, I want to tell you that there is a solution and it is my great privilege to share what I’ve learned with all of you.

Give Fat the Finger, Lose Weight and Keep It Off with EFT is a labor of love that I happily share with all of you so that you can see there is a different way.



Give Fat the Finger

Lose the Weight and Keep it Off with EFT

Join Joella Bower every other Thursday at noon eastern for her radio show Give Fat the Finger where she shares the tools and techniques that she has used for losing weight and keeping it off. Here are some of the things Joella will be covering in her show:

  • How to set up your mind so that you are approaching weight loss from the inside out
  • How to discover the inner blocks that you have to losing weight so that you can recognize sabotage when it comes up
  • What to do with sabotage and resistance once you’ve figured out what it is for you
  • Advice from other experts to help you on your path to wellness
  • Interviews with inspiring role models for success
  • Tips on tapping statements or targets to help you find the root of your issues

After losing 115 lbs and then regaining more than half of it back, Joella found coaching and EFT and her world forever changed. Joella has been coaching amazingly brilliant men and women who just can’t seem to figure out how to lose weight and keep it off. Joella is a certified Martha Beck Life Coach, EFT and Matrix Reimprinting practitioner as well as a Skinny Genes certified coach.


What Other’s Are Saying

Before working with Joella, I felt frustrated with my current weight loss program. I had gained and lost and gained and lost for what felt like my entire life. Talking with Joella has given me a new outlook about food and about myself. I have more self-esteem and feel better about how I look and feel. I have lost weight, but more importantly, I feel relaxed and comfortable with who I am. – Jessica M.

Prior to working with Joella I constantly berated myself with negative thoughts about myself especially about my weight. I could not embrace who I currently am but could only feel that I would be worthy of self affection if and when I got to my goal weight. Joella helped me to dig below the surface to find the underlying issues that would sabotage my successes in weight loss. She was able to help me find that confidence in the now instead of waiting until some specified weight. She equipped me with the tools I need to use in any stressful or troubling situation that will allow me to take a step back and deal with it intelligently rather than emotionally. – Betty W.

Prior to working with Joella, I was having problems with out of control eating and hopelessness and I felt that I would always struggle with food. However, working with Joella has helped me to control those once “out of control” behaviors and thoughts. With the techniques that she taught me (EFT), I found that the previous “out of control” cravings to eat sweets seemed to disappear without having to rely on willpower. You should know that I “don’t drink the Kool-aid.” I am very skeptical about anything that sounds too good to be true. However, the techniques that Joella taught me really, really work and I absolutely recommend working with her to anyone looking to gain control of their eating. – Rose C.


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