Getting Beyond Infidelity with EFT

Cheating, fooling around, infidelity, lying, or adultery.

Whatever you call it this can be one of the hardest challenges to overcome in an intimate relationship.

Many relationships end as a result. Others use this as a wake up call to fix what was once broken and heal past patterns.

Why people cheat? Should you tell your partner if you have? How to forgive and move on?

These are the questions EFT sex expert Alina Frank will be covering on today’s show.

Alina Frank is the creator of and is the author of an upcoming book on EFT and Sex.

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Alina_Frank_90xAlina Frank has consistently been rated as one of the top EFT coaches specializing in the area of relationship and intimacy. She is a master life coach, and her EFT/Matrix Reimprinting trainings offer CEUs to many professions. For a full listing of offerings and upcoming events please visit

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