How to Get Better Results with EFT Tapping

You’ve been hearing all these amazing stories about the results people get with using EFT Tapping. Maybe you’re wondering “will it work for me?” and “are all those stories really true?”

When you hear miraculous stories of healing and personal change, you can’t help but ask “Does EFT tapping always work, for everyone?”

And the honest answer is “No”. Sometimes people just don’t get the results they were hoping for.

But there’s a reason for that.

And a much bigger question, which is; when somebody hasn’t gotten results using EFT, why didn’t it work?

See, here’s where it gets tricky.

EFT tapping is so easy to learn and simple to use, that most people never get around to learning the refinements (that can bring about truly amazing results with difficult issues), because they are happy with the results they are getting with just their basic knowledge of EFT tapping.

When you don’t fully understand how to use EFT tapping, you hesitate to use it because you’re not sure what to say while tapping, how to apply it to different issues, and how to measure your results to know when you are complete.

So, here’s my suggestion.

If you want to learn how to use EFT tapping more effectively, watch an expert leading EFT sessions that you can tap along with.

But getting to learn in the presence of a live teacher isn’t always so easy. After all, it’s expensive to attend a live training, with the travel, hotel, time off work , and the cost of the event ticket.

But there is a much cheaper option and that’s watching a recorded event and following along as if you were there. Just last week the team behind the documentary film “The Tapping Solution” released the video from their 3 day “Tapping Experience” live event.

This is a phenomenal event that was run by EFT expert Carol Look that was absolutely life changing for the people who attended, and can be life changing for you as well.

You can watch some of the sessions in these tap along videos here. Just click on the images below and you’ll watch Eric be free in minutes, from total body physical pain that he had had for 26 years! You’ll also see Sarah eliminate her overpowering food cravings, using EFT, AND EFT Master Carol Look will show you the steps for using EFT tapping to overcome the fear of public speaking:

Click here to watch video  Click here to watch video  click here to watch video

Tapping works miracles every day and you deserve to have one of those miracles yourself. If you want to really learn how to do EFT Tapping well and get spectacular results in your life check out The Tapping Experience videos and instructions.

There’s nothing to risk by getting the DVDs, watching the event, learning from EFT Master Carol Look, and tapping along. If you watch the DVD’s and don’t get the results you were wanting, you can return it for a full refund. It’s that simple, and definitely worth a try!

But what you have to gain…is a LOT.

  • Removing stress, anxiety and other negative and limiting emotion
  • Eliminating physical pain…
  • Removing limiting beliefs and other blocks to being successful…

And so much more.

Tapping works on so many things, and watching these videos and tapping along is such an easy way to do it for yourself and do it properly.

Enjoy the videos. You deserve to be another miraculous story of how EFT Tapping worked.

Speaking of success stories, here’s what a few of the participants from the event had to say about attending:

At first I thought I was crazy coming all the way from Switzerland just for this event. Something deep in my heart told me that it would be the right time, place, and people, and I should do it. But I think my heart had no idea how much I would experience and take with me home. Thanks all of you for this amazing event. Carol you are amazing. Thanks to the new friends, the universe and my heart that brought me here.” – Suelene Canchian

“My experience this weekend has been amazing. I enrolled for the course to clear any possible issues, personally and to get the tools and training for my coaching business, as well as my wellness business. I have awakened to “stuff” that has been held “somewhere” inside of me, for years. Things that I had “no idea” were there. I understand why my life is so extraordinary and now, I see, why it isn’t, in some areas. I see greatness now. I am so grateful and so in love with life, again.” – Suzette Greiner Roth

“This weekend has been amazing! One of my biggest issues has been that I avoid dealing with my emotional issues by any avoidable means. By listening to the participants, lots of things have come up that were buried so deep I didn’t know I needed to work on them. I now have targets to work on. For the 1st time in years, I have hope, and I can’t possibly thank you enough.” – Wendy



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