From Ranting to Raving

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From Ranting to Raving
Discover Your Hidden Power to Liberate Your Life

From the time you were a young child, you were told to quiet down, don’t get angry, and to be nice, be polite and respect others.

But the truth is, quieting down meant you shut down.

Not getting angry meant that you got complacent.

Respecting people meant that you ignored the fact that some people didn’t deserve your respect. (Gasp, is that even okay to think that?)

I did it. You did it. We all did it.

Why? Because being nice was supposed to get us the dream life. The picket fence. The raise. The retirement.

What it really got us was suppressed potential. We shut down our power, which is the thing that creates the dream life we’ve chased after.

That’s why you’re here. To change that around and to make things right.

It’s time to get louder. Get angry. And it’s definitely time to respect yourself – all of you, including the way you feel, even when it’s not the proper thing to do.

And guess what? You can handle it. All of it. It’s all okay. You’re not going to get out of control or go crazy.

What’s on the other side of this journey?

FREEDOM. Even ecstasy.

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About Marti Murphy
As a Certified EFT expert, Personal Empowerment Coach, and one of only six Certified Master Abundance Coaches in the world, Marti will help you get real results by uncovering and releasing what’s in the way of you creating the life of true freedom. A life you live on your terms. That’s Freedom!




A very interesting “coincidence” happened this afternoon after our session this a.m. about money. At 4pm, I went into a planned meeting, where I do the hospice massage. I will be going from 2 massages a week to 15-17, for starters. That will be a nice turnaround. Additionally, they are giving me an entire facility to cover. That is going to add up to a lot of work. That is a HUGE new offering.  At the pedi-palliative care they want me to take that new position with kids, as well. For me, this is the coolest job. How does that happen? It’s wild! We just tapped on my issues with money this morning & this afternoon everything turned around. It is like magic!! Marti, are like a heat seeking missile, you just go in to target the crux of the matter and BAM! My troubles crumble almost effortlessly. You are a miracle worker, I am so glad I found you! With much gratitude. – Nancy M.

The EFT sessions with Marti have been an amazing, transformative, empowering and life-changing experience. Within a short period of time, my health (I have been very ill for over twelve years) has significantly improved, but it actually feels like healing took place at many levels at the same time and I have been reconnected to my true Self. Every day I wake up with a deep feeling of happiness and the joy to be alive that I haven’t felt in many years. – Roos van der Blom, Amsterdam

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