From Alaska to the World: David Kanosh’s Remarkable Legacy

A rare interview with David Kanosh, tribal leader and EFT practitioner, comes to TapFest.

One of our favorite voices in EFT carries excellence with quiet integrity; David has been working, teaching and healing with energy since 1997, in his home state of Alaska.  From rural villages of native peoples where he is a tribal leader,  all the way to his beloved Marine brothers-in-arms, David has learned to share his talents with others from any background, including being able to communicate in Yiddish and several other languages besides his native Tlingit.  As a result, David is equally welcome in the medical, armed services, therapeutic and tribal communities.

David’s known for his abilities to see people’s potential, as well as help them shift to a more joyful understanding of their journey in the here and now.   But as his tribal name suggests, he also exists comfortably in between “time & tide’, using the cataclysmic interference model with EFT to offer relief and release from past and ancestrally-inherited trauma.

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Long known for his ability to help veterans with PTSD, David Kanosh has trained many more to follow in his path and will travel around the country this summer to share the message of hope and healing to the highest echelons of veterans’ PTSD and mental health treatment communities.  Alaska is home to the largest percentage of armed forces recruits in the nation, and as such is a location of great importance to EFT’s efforts to introduce PTSD relief to our returning troops.  David joins TapFest in one of its missions, to make EFT known throughout every part of the veterans’ journey — pre, during and post-deployment — as well as every veteran’s family.

We’re very lucky to have David on our show; he reflects his people’s heritage of remarkable quiet strength, humanity and humility. Rarely has he given a radio interview about the work he’s performing, so don’t miss the opportunity to join us  for this very special day, discussing EFT’s teaching legacy and exceptional results with a real American treasure, and a most expansive spirit.

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