Trauma webinar for practitioners

Free Trauma Training Webinar for Practitioners

If you do any form of tapping, then you face this opportunity and risk every day; the possibility that the next person you tap with will walk in with unresolved emotional trauma.

The question is do you have enough training to know what to do when trauma arises?

There is a growing world of critical information in the fields of social neuroscience and somatic approaches for working with trauma that is incredibly relevant to all tapping practitioners.

The work of great pioneers like Stephen Porges, Bessel Van der Kolk, Stephen Levine, Dan Siegel who are all doing transformative work with things like Polyvagal Theory, Interpersonal Neurobiology and therapeutic Memory Reconsolidation, are a few of the many current thinkers whose approaches are drawn upon. The webinar course also teaches about additional somatic release methods, trauma tapping, referral protocols and more.

When Unresolved Trauma Intrudes into Your Tapping Session; An Essential Discussion Between David Feinstein and Craig Weiner

There is a common saying in the tapping world, it’s something like, “Don’t go where you shouldn’t go.”

If you’ve been tapping long enough, you’ll soon realize that you often get “there” without even trying. So how do you prepare yourself for the time when you suddenly find yourself “there” with a client and you’re not sure how to best handle the situation? You can’t predict when a client may go into an abreaction and you better know how to deal with it safely and effectively. Being confident in your tapping skills is one thing, but there are many other things to consider as a practitioner doing this work.

There is a FREE CALL so you can do just that without it costing you a thing. It’s on Tuesday, April 21. Register for this free webinar now. 

The course facilitators are fabulous certified teachers and trainers in the fields of EFT and Trauma work, Dr Craig Weiner and Suzanne Fageol. Their last class was sold out and received fabulous reviews…

The webinar course also teaches about additional somatic release methods, trauma tapping, referral protocols and more.

The course is for those with a background in tapping. 10 CE credits are available for multiple professions.

The technology is ridiculously simple and there is everything soup to nuts, from a complete manual, video classes, a 24/7 online facilitated forum, Q and A calls and more.

“This class should be a prerequisite to certification with EFT and a requirement for anyone who counsels others.” Ilia Blandina, EFT Coach. This is the MOST COMMON feedback heard from students in this class!

“The information is contemporary, high quality, and presented with examples that allow the learner to integrate it and apply it to everyday use.”

“A really enlightening course. It gave me a much deeper understanding of trauma, how it gets stuck, and the most effective ways to get unstuck. Thank you.”

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