Forecasting Love with Astrologer, Sandy Rodeck

“ASTROLOGICAL SOUL CONNECTIONS” and Forecasting Love Astrology Readings

Happy Valentine’s Day!  This show is about identifying (through astrology) and removing (through EFT) the blockages and karma surrounding the issues which get in the way of receiving the love you desire!  It’s time to flip the love switch on and remove your blockages. In the first part of Million Dollar Mindset Tapping, Sandy will reveal what’s in the air that has been redefining relationships for the past year – and will continue to do so for the next year.

You are invited to call in for your Love Astrology Profile in the second half of the show.  Would you like to know what’s holding you back from connecting with your partner?  Would you like to find out what to look for in your soul mate?  Or do you have questions about what’s going on in your current relationship?  Then be sure to call into the show and find out your Astrological Love Profile!

Can’t make it to the Live Show?  Please email your question to [email protected]



See if you can be one of the lucky callers to have a FREE reading with Sandy. But don’t worry, if you can’t get through you will learn tons just by listening.

Astro Coordinates Needed if Calling In:
Birth Date, Time of Birth & City/State/Province/Country
(please have this information handy when you call in)

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