Fight, Flight or Freeze Response. It’s just not safe to let this go!

Using an arm energy test (also known as Muscle Testing) for Fight, Flight or Freeze, or to test beliefs and feelings right at the body level, provides valuable information about how to proceed when a session has stalled.  Despite its elegant ability to circumvent the conscious mind and clarify an issue quickly, muscle testing is often a misunderstood tool. Learn how to energy test with ease.

Free your client from Fight, Flight or Freeze by choosing wording in alignment with the neurology of this amazing survival strategy built into every human being.  By helping them feel safe again in the world you provide your client or tapping buddy with their window of opportunity for clearing those remaining SUDs levels.

In this episode of Tap Into Your Healthy SelfAnnabel Fisher will be interviewing EFT practitioner Susan Bushell about how to deal effectively with a client’s fight, flight or freeze response.

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About Susan: EFT Practitioner Susan Bushell has been in private practice since 2004, in Guelph, Ontario, practicing Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology. As one of only three AAMET trainers in Canada, she offers one-on-one session work, group seminars, teleconferences and AAMET EFT training. Susan uses cutting-edge energetic techniques to help her students and clients release their emotional baggage.  With specialties in anxiety, depression, trauma and abuse she’s passionate about helping people remove the sting in their life.

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