Feed Your Brain – Heal Your Body, Heart and Soul!

Today we continue this month’s theme on “Healing the Mind,”so you can reprogram the beliefs from your past and live a more peaceful and fulfilled life!   One of the most important ways to address this is by feeding the brain what it needs to adequately cue the body in its own, innate healing process.

Tune in today to hear my conversation with internationally-known naturopathic Doctor Chris Morris talk about an amazing food compound that feeds your brain so your body, heart and soul can heal. Dr. Morris is an internationally recognized Naturopathic Physician and Sports Nutritionist. He is also the author of an internationally best-selling book, The True Nature of Healing, published in 1997.

Dr. Chris brings a unique perspective to health through emerging technologies in the fields of nutraceuticals, energetic medicine and advanced diagnostic devices to assist the client in reestablishing optimal levels of health. He focuses on diet, nutrition, and the natural healing cycles of the body to build optimum health, vitality, and longevity.

The medical applications of quantum physics and high frequency electromagnetic medicine take the healing arts out of the century of old Newtonian principles practiced in today’s medical schools to a type of healthcare that focuses on whole-body healing combining body, mind, spirit, and co-creativity (self-responsibility).

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HOST: EFT Practitioner and Inner Child Expert, Cathryn Taylor is known as the “Mother of the Inner Child.” Author of the bestselling Inner Child Workbook, Cathryn was one of five authors who popularized this concept in the late 80’s and early 90’s. She has dedicated her professional career to assisting others in arresting their addictive behaviors, healing their childhood wounds and connecting with their authentic self. To schedule a private session, contact Cathryn Taylor, Licensed Addictions and Marriage and Famiy Therapist and Certified EFT Practitioner, at [email protected] or call 612-710-7720

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