Fear of Conflict, Learning to Speak Your Truth

Do you run from situations that may end up in conflict? Does contact with your family members, boss, or authority figures cause stress that makes you feel “less than,” angry or sad? Do you have a fear of speaking your truth or find yourself feeling defensive when you do?

There are many reasons for the insecurities that lead to the fear of conflict. This fear can cause deep unrest, anger, sadness and resentment. These emotions will preoccupy you and, in many ways, keep you from achieving all that you are capable of. Is it time to release this deep-seated fear and frustration?

In this week’s program we will explore the common links to the past that cause fear of conflict and tap into your fears so you can stand strong and feel better about yourself and others.

Please call into the show if you would like to tap on your conflict problems at a deeper level. Interaction between us will help you and others, so let’s tap together!

Email ([email protected]) your questions regarding conflict in your life.

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