Exploring the Non-Local & the Power of Therapeutic Intention

Radio host of the Change Your Mind! Transformational Dialogues program, Craig Weiner, DC has the privilege of interviewing Stephan A. Schwartz, one of the acknowledged founders of Remote Viewing, a “modern mental yoga” and a scientific approach to experiencing the nonlocal.

For 40 years he has been studying the nature of consciousness. He is part of the small group that founded modern Remote Viewing research, and is the principal researcher studying the use of Remote Viewing in archaeology. Other areas of experimental study include research into creativity, meditation, and Therapeutic Intent/Healing.

He is the Senior Samueli Fellow for Brain, Mind and Healing at the Samueli Institute; a Research Associate of the Cognitive Sciences Laboratory of the Laboratories for Fundamental Research; the author of 50 technical papers and reports; a regular contributor to the Huffington Report, and has written numerous magazine articles for SmithsonianThe Washington Post, The New York Times, and more. He has produced and written television documentaries, and has written four books including The Secret Vaults of Time and his latest, Opening to the Infinite. For more information, visit www.stephanaschwartz.com.

LIVE SHOW – Tuesday, November 20th  at 11:00 AM Pacific
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HOST: Craig Weiner, DC is a holistic Chiropractic physician, EFT practitioner, Right Brain Aerobics Coach and Trainer, and creator of The Transformational Dialogues. As a clinical health professional for over 25 years he has worked to support and inspire patients towards freedom from suffering and towards health and wellness. He continues to have a thriving practice on Whidbey island, WA and together with his wife Alina Frank, EFT Universe trainer, coach and mentor, they are the creators of multiple healthy relationship courses, found at www.path2passion.net and www.whentoendit.com. To schedule a private session or find out more information, call 360 331 5565 or email [email protected]




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