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How to Stop Freakin’ out at Job Interviews: Ep. 6. Positive Job Seek

IMAGINE … your job interview idate and time is booked in … you’re already feeling nervous, not sure how many people will be there … will I know what to say? … what if it goes really badly? … what if I get the job? Today I share with you this short mantra/poem -and a tap-along. It’s designed to help you feel better about job interviews no matter what the outcome is. So stay tuned –and you’re welcome to change it to suit yourself – this could help you to feel better and do better in interviews!

‘The Art of Positive Business’ podcast offers – career and business hacks, great self-development tips and ‘live’ demos to help you feel powerful … about a mindset OVERHAUL! You can check out her FREE video Program.

Who is Sallyanne Stone? Sallyanne has over 25 years experience as a psychologist and career consultant – innovator and workshop creator. She enjoys ‘doin it differently’ and brings cutting-edge tools to the crusty, hard old worlds of business and career development. For more information go to and you can sign up for Sallyanne’s value-packed Happier Business Checklist and free video series. You deserve a GREAT job – and business life … and … there’s an ART to it.

It’s a way to positively reframe how you think about your upcoming interview

You can even tap on it if you want to use the tapping technique but make sure you tap also on any negative thought gremlins ( the tail enders) that pop out whilst tapping
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Sallyanne’s passion for helping people builds on her professional training and thousands of hours working in career coaching and consulting privately as a Psychologist. A client of Sallyanne’s once suggested that she ’bottle up’ her knowledge and share her skills further afield, hence Sallyanne now brings her many years of expertise to entrepreneurs and career-minded job seekers. If you want to Flip Your Working Life from ‘stuck’ into Positive Mode – FAST – go to and pick up your FREE Happier Business 3 Part Video Program.

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