Engaging Your Body’s Wisdom

Your body talks to you. When you listen to your body, you begin to find information. Yet, we often ignore these important messages, which are there to help us through the times in which we struggle.

In this episode of Million Dollar Mindset Tapping, transformational speaker and author, Eileen Dunn joins Marla Tabaka to teach us how to access our emotional and physical healing within. We will talk about the obstacles that we face during difficult times and how to use our body wisdom, combined with EFT tapping, to remove obstacles and find joy and healing.

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Marla Tabaka believes that with the right mindset anything is possible! As a highly sought after Life & Business Coach, Marla works with entrepreneurs to grow their companies AND rediscover themselves in the process. Marla’s clients learn how to achieve life/work balance and to believe in themselves and their dreams. Many have reached a million dollars in annual revenues – and beyond! Find out more about EFT Expert and Life Coach Marla Tabaka. To schedule a private session, contact Marla Tabaka at [email protected] or call (630) 544-6445

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