Energy Profiling For Weight Loss with Carol Tuttle

Can your hair cut, the colors you wear, or the way you dress effect whether you gain weight?

Sounds preposterous!

Have you ever worn clothing that just didn’t feel right…it didn’t feel like “you”?

Did it bring your energy down or make you irritable?

There’s a reason it didn’t feel right!

Join Dr. Solomon and Carol Tuttle, to learn how knowing your Energy Profiling “type” can help you to improve your health, confidence and weight.

  • What is “energy profiling?”
  • How does knowing your type help with weight loss?
  • What plan is right for each type?

Carol Tuttle is a master energy therapist and author of the new #1 best selling book The Child Whisperer, and numerous other popular books. She has been working in the field of Energy Therapy for over a decade and a half in the pursuit of helping others live their truth.

Today, she will discuss her wildly popular Dressing Your Truth program and it’s impact on weight loss, confidence and self esteem.

The Dressing Your Truth system is based on Energy Profiling,  a tool to help you understand your natural movement and tendencies and see why your true nature makes you beautiful—both inside and out, every single day.

The Dressing Your Truth system identifies four main Types of women who express four different Types of beauty in their physical features, body language, personality, and behavior tendencies.

Type 1: The Bright, Animated Woman
Type 2: The Subtle, Soft Woman
Type 3: The Rich, Dynamic Woman
Type 4: The Bold, Striking Woman

Dressing Your Truth shows women how to best express their inner beauty in their outward appearance. It has changed the way women all over the world feel about themselves and the way they look.

LIVE SHOW – Thursday, November 1st at 9:00 AM Pacific
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HOST: Carol Solomon, Ph.D. MCC, is a Psychologist, Master Certified Coach and Certified EFT Practitioner. She is one of the world’s leading experts in using Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) for weight loss. She is the author of How To Stop Food Cravings and Lose Weight With EFT. To schedule a private session, contact Dr. Solomon. at [email protected] or call (847) 680-0272



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