Endings are Just Beginnings Turned Backwards with Cathryn Taylor

In this, the 3rd of three broadcasts, Cathryn brings insight and direction to resolving those decisions, made by or for you, regarding the devastating endings of your most cherished relationships.

Most of the pain of these endings is related to our resistance to accepting the need for the form of that relationship to be updated – for “endings truly are beginnings turned backwards.”

“So won’t you join me today as we bundle the baggage of that pain and support your consciously allowing the form of those relationships to be redefined in new and healthy ways.”

To listen to the overview of this month’s topic, which aired two weeks ago, please click here – The Upside of Divorce, Marriage and Devastating Breakups

For more preparatory tapping listen to this 2nd broadcast which aired Monday, on Edge Talk Radio, Clearing Your Mind, Body, Heart and Soul of the Devastating Responses to Endings

For more information on Cathryn’s work please visit her website which is www.EFTForYourInnerChild.com

To schedule your FREE 15-minuteute Assessment, please call Cathryn directly at 612.710.7720.

LIVE SHOW – Wednesday at 9:00 am Pacific

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HOST: EFT Practitioner and Inner Child Expert, Cathryn Taylor is known as the “Mother of the Inner Child.” Author of the bestselling Inner Child Workbook, Cathryn was one of five authors who popularized this concept in the late 80’s and early 90’s. She has dedicated her professional career to assisting others in arresting their addictive behaviors, healing their childhood wounds and connecting with their authentic self. To schedule a private session, contact Cathryn Taylor, Licensed Addictions and Marriage and Family Therapist and Certified EFT Practitioner, at [email protected] or call 612-710-7720

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