Eliminate Food Cravings

After two years in development, Dr. Patricia Carrington has created a Revolutionary Device for Eliminating Food Cravings

First off I want to say…you do not need this software.

The technique of Meridian Tapping is a very simple and effective way to eliminate food cravings. It’s easy to learn…there are free manuals and videos all over the internet.

To use tapping you do not need to ever pay anyone or purchase any products. You can do it for yourself…for free.

That being said…I played the ZAP Food Cravings game and I loved it!

I had some interesting, very positive side effects from using it.  And yes, it completely eliminated my food cravings. Though, I can’t say what it will do for you.

If you want to hear more about it you can listen to the call on Eliminating Food Cravings with Dr. Carrington:


Or you can just take a look at the ZAP Food Cravings software yourself.

This is EFT Radio Online’s affiliate link, which means that if you decide to buy this innovative software for eliminating cravings, EFT Radio Online will be compensated for letting you know about it. I’m very proud to tell you about this very helpful product.

Dr. Carrington spent over two years developing this computer game that helps you be free of cravings – you can read about it below…

The Most Effective Device for Eliminating Food Cravings
Is At Your Fingertips

A scientifically developed weight loss system presented in the setting of a delightful game-like computer program.  ZAP works by using a new behavioral self help technique that combines ancient acupressure methods with modern psychology — it’s known as Meridian Tapping.  Playing the game can eliminate cravings for specific foods or a tendency to overeat,  in minutes. This is an easy, enjoyable. drugless way to remain on your favorite diet or eating plan permanently without any sense of deprivation.

You can read more about it here:  http://budurl.com/zapcravings


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