EFT Tapping Can Be Transformational Using Qigong

Qigong is the practice of moving and cultivating your own energy using breath, gentle movements, and intention for maintaining health, elevating your connection to spirit, and reconnecting to Source energy.

Part two of a series of TapScoop shows dedicated to the practice of Qigong to help you increase the flow of energy available from Source.

I’m here to make something as powerful as the practice of Qigong simple to understand and available for everyone.

  • Tonight, I’ll guide you through what is called, “Self-applied massage”.  These series of techniques and movements are excellent for opening your meridians, stimulating and activating your body’s own healing abilities by becoming more receptive to what Source energy freely gives to you.
  • I’ll also teach you how to stir your own Qi; your own elixir, and how and where to store it in your body.
  • Learn why simple Qigong techniques like the ones I’ll be teaching and guided Qigong meditations can make a tremendous positive difference in your life, your health practices, how you respond to the world, and approach life.

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Find out more about Lillian Fimbres, EFT and Qigong practitioner, and The Genuine Life. Lillian resides in the New York metro area.  Specialties; include, guiding clients to connect and return to self, pain and negativity removal to achieve a more authentic genuine self. Contact her at, [email protected] – You can also Find her on Facebook and her YouTube channel “elilster” to see her videos.

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