EFT Tames Tension Headaches – New Study Published

The research was conducted in Athens, Greece and explored how well EFT would work with tension type headache sufferers.

The research points to a 60% plus decrease in headache intensity and frequency.

The study also shows significant improvement in other parameters of well-being including improved measures of sleep.

Cortisol stress levels did not show significant improvement however.

In this article by journalist Betty Russell, the national EFT Examiner.com blogger, she interviews EFT Radio host Dr Craig Weiner regarding the exciting new EFT study published in Explore; The Journal of Science and Healing.  Dr Weiner discusses the importance of this research as one of the first to explore using EFT not only for headaches but one of very few that explore its effectiveness with painful physical conditions.

This is fabulous research to share online with anyone you think may benefit from an easy to read, well documented, well written article on the most current EFT research.

Craig Weiner DC is a chiropractor, EFT practitioner and the radio host of Change Your Mind! Transformational Dialogue Radio on the EFT Radio Online.

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