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EFT Master Rue Hass: It’s OK to Want Something For Yourself!

Wanting something for oneself can trigger an internal voice that says:

I can’t have what I want
I don’t deserve to get what I want
I am greedy for wanting this
Who are YOU to want that?

In this episode Business Success Coach Judy Wolvington interviews Rue Hass, MA, CCHT, a Certified EFT Master with Honors. As an Intuitive Mentor and Coach Rue works with chronic physical and emotional issues and spiritual life path choices. Rue is an Ordained Minister and also the author of several books on EFT.

Rue teaches people how to manifest powerfully, and in doing so she discovered that when she asks people “What do you want?” it often sets off a list of what they DON’T want.

For many of us, it seems, it is just not OK to want, at all. Many of us have felt we had to give up our dreams to survive the criticism and humiliation of our family. Perhaps through culture or religion we were taught that it is WRONG to have wants., or it’s SELFISH. And, if something that we want does not manifest, we might take that to mean that we’re a failure.

Where does this “won’t get—can’t have” syndrome come from? Rue will answer this question from a practical spiritual perspective, and explore how to resolve it with EFT.

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