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Cathryn Taylor EFT for Your Inner Child


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EFT For Your Inner Child & Soul


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Be introduced to Cathryn’s signature Interactive Tapping where you will learn how to:

  1. Build a relationship with your Inner Child;
  2. Establish a partnership with your Higher Power;
  3. Communicate with your body
  4. Eliminate the distraction from the law of attraction
  • From the “Teachings of Abraham” to Shamanism, Feng Shui, Marathon Training and bio-chemical repair – listen each month to conversations with those whose methods were the guideposts mapped the course for Cathryn’s own healing!
  • Witness live sessions in which Cathryn demonstrates, first-hand, the magic that can occur when you use EFT to build the relationships within you through Interactive Tapping!

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Who is Cathryn Taylor

Cathryn’s Inner Child Workbook, now in its 39th printing, was published by Jeremy Tarcher Inc. in 1991. It became an instant bestseller and was one of five books released at the time which popularized the concept of the inner child. It is considered a classic in the field and positioned Cathryn as one of its leading experts.  In a recent interview Cathryn was referred to as. the Mother of Inner Child Work.”  The title is warranted.  Cathryn has dedicated her professional career to championing your inner child and, of the five, original authors, she is the only one who has continued to develop and apply this concept.  She does so  because she finds it invaluable both in her personal growth and her professional work with others. Research shows that our challenges in adulthood are directly linked to what we experienced in the first 6 years of life. “It stands to reason,” states Cathryn, “that when we want to heal we start with where the problems began.”

Cathryn has been conducting workshops, lectures and classes for the past twenty-six years and has continued to add ingredients to her model of healing through her certification of EFT with EFT Master and mentor, Lindsay Kenny, by obtaining training in accessing one’s Akashic Records (the records of the soul) and through the inspiration received from “The Teachings of Abraham.” She has just recently enrolled in a yearlong program to called, Awaken, with Dr. Michale Cotton, during which Cathryn will learn how to activate the prefrontal cortex in order to assist individuals in awakening their higher brain so they can move from striving to thriving. “As many of the leaders n the field (including Dr. Bruce Lipton) state, we have access to this higher brain, but as of now, use only 5% of it. I am thrilled to be a participant in this program and feel this truly is the last frontier. I cannot wait to integrate this technique into my life and my work.

From the wounds of your childhood to the tasks of your soul – through addictions, compulsions and negative belief systems Cathryn Taylor, licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Addictions Counselor, Certified EFT Practitioner and Akashic Records Consultant maps the course for you to heal.

The Inner Child Workbook Celebrates its 20th Year!

To commemorate the last 20 years Cathryn has developed a special anniversary edition of the original workbook  Divided into 20 modules this special edition includes pdf files of concepts developed since its original publication plus recorded audio and videos of the original exercises and meditations bringing the original work clearly into the 21st century.

Cathryn Taylor Inner Child Workbook


In addition to the Inner Child Workbook, Cathryn has self-published four books as well as 5 E-Books. She offers a 90-day program called SOUL STEPS, in which she inspires participants to integrate their exercise with their inner work and spiritual pursuit.

“This program was an outgrowth of my own commitment to exercise and my belief that we each have that athlete within us who, through exercise, enables us to attain the vibrational frequency that allows us to do the work we came here to offer. The program, as well as the book by the same name, was inspired by Cathryn’s experience at age 55 when she trained for and completed her first marathon. She went on to complete three more marathons – one in each of the four corners of the United States and now trains and completes at least one half marathon a year.






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