EFT for Test-Taking Anxiety

If you have a tough time studying for or taking exams, or for performing in any situation, tune in as Sue and Jondi discuss how to use tapping for test-taking anxiety and their fast, fun, simple EFT solutions! Tapping is a useful do-it-yourself life-skill, effective for all ages.

Sue and Jondi lead a live tapping session during the show.  TappingStar specializes in getting tapping into the schools to ease test-taking anxiety, classroom behavior issues and other school-related concerns.  The program starts with test-taking anxiety.

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To schedule a private session with Sue Tarlton, certified EFT practitioner specializing in communication and human behavior, write to [email protected]  Sue is a program designer and can help you establish a personal and/or school-wide tapping solution.

To schedule a private session with Jondi Whitis, certified EFT practitioner, write to [email protected]  Jondi is exceptional at integrating mind, body and spirit into her EFT practice.  She is intuitive and uses her creative word pictures to identify areas for focus and healing.

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