EFT Clinic – “Tapping Up the Scale of Compassion”

If you missed the compelling conversation with Temba Spirit entitled, Bullet in the Heart, on October 17th, you are going to want to archive it, and then tune in for this follow-up Tapping Clinic with Cathryn Taylor, best selling author of The Inner child Workbook.

For most, a bullet in the heart is a metaphor, but for Temba, it was literal and transformative. In today’s broadcast Cathryn will help you identify the “bullet” that may have pierced the trust in your heart and show you how to tap yourself into forgiveness and peace.

Cathryn is a licensed counselor, a certified EFT Practitioner,  an Akashic Records Consultant , and recently became a standard licensed Facilitator in the new Higher Brain Living technique. This combination is a powerful process that empowers you to celebrate success and trust change!

So, if YOU want to change but you don’t know how , if YOU want to learn to live with out fear, succeed without terror or love without shame and blame, sign up for Cathryn’s Upcoming FREE Teleseminar.  Space is Limited. First Come, First Serve! Click here to register: 7 Points Of Compassion. 

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EFT Practitioner and Inner Child Expert, Cathryn Taylor is known as the “Mother of the Inner Child.” Author of the bestselling Inner Child Workbook, Cathryn was one of five authors who popularized this concept in the late 80’s and early 90’s. She has dedicated her professional career to assisting others in arresting their addictive behaviors, healing their childhood wounds and connecting with their authentic self. To schedule a private session, contact Cathryn Taylor, Licensed Addictions and Marriage and Famiy Therapist and Certified EFT Practitioner, at [email protected] or call 612-710-7720



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