EFT at the Movies, Why We Like to Get Scared at the Movies.

Why do we like to go to the movies to get scared?

It’s EFT at the Movies. That’s right we’re going to talk about that American pastime; going to the movies for a good fright. And, what better time to talk about what scares us at the movies then the Friday before Halloween.

Is there a movie that still frightens you? And, what’s the connection between what scared you at the movies and your personal life?

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Listen to this show with a particular movie in mind that really scared you. Maybe you’re a big fan of the horror film genre or maybe you can’t stomach horror movies anymore; your tastes have matured. Fair enough. But I bet there’s one movie that really scared you when you were a kid.

Everyone can remember a movie they saw that really left a big frightening impression on them. For you it could have been a monster movie, a horror flick, a sci-fi, a slasher movie. Maybe it was a movie about ghosts, monsters, mutant creatures, a thriller/suspense movie, or a movie with masks and chainsaws.

In all good fun recall a movie that scared you. Call in or email me at [email protected] with your scary movie moment to go into a cauldron of scary movie moments to tap away and clear.

Let’s tap and put our monsters back in their place. Let’s tap and lessen what scares us.

And don’t forget tonight I’m announcing the Do Something Scary Club. It’s not what you think, but very appropriate.

Lillian Fimbres an EFT and Qigong practitioner blending the two for deep emotional cleaning. Find out more about Lillian Fimbres, The Genuine Life, and her EFT and Qigong work.

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