EFT and the Highly Sensitive Temperament

Do you ever ask yourself, ‘What’s wrong with me?’

Are you ever told, ‘You’re too emotional’?

Often, people with highly sensitive temperaments are overwhelmed easily, are highly self-critical, and strive for perfection.

During this episode of Tap Into Your Healthy Self, Annabel will be talking with Rue Hass about what it means to be highly sensitive. Rue will show us how to reframe these concerns which often hold us back. Listen in as Rue teaches us how someone would tap for being highly sensitive and how EFT practitioners can help a client to learn about his or her sensitivity.

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About Rue: Rue Hass is an EFT Master practitioner. She fits the temperament profile of the Highly Sensitive Person, or “Idealist/Healer.” She has been in private practice for 25 years as a Spiritual Life Path Coach and Intuitive Mentor. Rue has extensive experience in working with the energetic patterns which underlie chronic physical and emotional conditions, and working with the subtle energy issues that arise in a highly sensitive person. She is also very interested in using EFT to transform the “emotional inheritance” that is passed through generations in a family, showing up in limiting beliefs, behaviors and symptoms. Rue is the author of several books on tapping and the highly sensitive temperament, including This is Where I Stand, The Power and Gift of being Sensitive andThe 8 Master Keys to Healing What Hurts. http://www.intuitivementoring.com/

Annabel Fisher used EFT to go from being utterly exhausted, in extreme pain, and wheelchair-bound with severe Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), to being vibrant, pain-free, and healthy enough to travel and motor bike regularly with her husband. She has used her EFT and NLP training to enable hundreds of people struggling with chronic illnesses to go from managing their symptoms, to enjoying life, to living at their fullest potential. Find out more about EFT Practitioner and Trainer, Annabel Fisher.

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