Effective Business Communication with Heart with Crista Benavidez

Join Host Marti Murphy for an Interview with CEO – Crista Benavidez as she talks about her work in helping companies (made up of humans) build highly effective communication. This interview will help you whether you’re in business or not.

CRISTA F. BENAVIDEZ is an internationally recognized speaker specializing in interpersonal communication, a. k. a “soft skills,” and organizational learning. Crista has nearly 20 years of experience, presenting over 1000 programs, working with groups from a variety of industries with clients such as United States Forest Service, Plains Regional Medical Center, IBM, Texas Instruments—Mexico, University of New Mexico, CISA, and many others. She is described by audiences as engaging, dynamic, and highly motivational.

Founded in 1999, Cristalk International, now Chispas Performance Solutions, is professional development and educational services company offering high-quality professional training to help organizations combat ineffective communication. Service offerings include conference keynote speeches and breakout sessions; public workshops; and corporate on-site sessions in one-hour, half day, full day, and multi-day designs. All programs are available in English, Spanish and English/Spanish bilingual formats.

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