Easy Qigong – What If You Had Source Available To You?

EFT Tapping is one of many Energy Healing Techniques. In this episode, Lillian is going to teach you about the ancient Chinese energy technique of Qigong.

Qigong’s basic premise for health is simple; invite Source energy in; using breath, movement, and intention and you will replenish your body’s own life force.

In this episode you’ll do just that; Lillian will teach you some simple movement meditations, so, you’ll gain a greater connection to Source.  And, a greater connection to Source means you’ll have available all the Qi at your disposal.

If you had all the energy from Source available; what would you do?  What would you accomplish?  What would you have?

  • Love?
  • Health?
  • Riches?
  • Would life be easy?
  • Freedom from problems?
  • Would you never want?

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Find out more about Lillian Fimbres, EFT and Qigong practitioner, and The Genuine Life. Lillian resides in the New York metro area. Specialties; include, guiding clients to connect and return to self, pain and negativity removal to achieve a more authentic genuine self.

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