Early Life Traumas: Accurate Predictions of Adult Health?

Drawing from his experience of using EFT in his chiropractic practice, Dr Weiner explains how emotional trauma can alter the brain and result in health problems that do not show up for decades later.

It is much easier for people to believe that physical symptoms or diseases are a direct result of purely physical causes, it makes sense to them and is often quite linear. The idea that how we think, how we feel and how we express ourselves has a direct bearing on our health, is an idea that many are beginning to come to accept more fully.

This important article, Early Life Traumas: Accurate Predictions of Adult Health?, is aimed at explaining to health care providers just how relevant early emotional trauma is to adult physical and mental health, well-being and healthy habits.

This is an excellent article to share with health care providers that you are trying to show why EFT is so needed, with the idea that resolving emotional traumas can potentially reduce physical dis-ease that may result from unresolved emotional dysregulation. MPA Media, the publisher of Practice Insights, is one of the largest complementary health care trade publishing houses in the world.

Craig Weiner DC is a chiropractor, EFT practitioner and the radio host of Change Your Mind! Transformational Dialogue Radio on the EFTRadio Online Network. if you could link to my show’s home page please


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