New Video – Dr. Hyman Reveals What It Takes To Heal

I’ve been speaking about the healthy benefits of Tapping for years, having healed myself of 16 years of fibromyalgia, and 22 years of chronic migraines, as well as improved my eyesight and got rid of my glasses – all from tapping!

But when you have one of the world’s leading doctors talking about patients he couldn’t help with traditional medicine, and telling us he was able to help them by using  Tapping, then you really begin to understand just how powerful Tapping is.

Dr. Mark Hyman EFT Tapping

Dr. Mark Hyman, a 5 times New York Times Best-Selling Author, is unlike most doctors in that he understands the mind-body connection.

And he knows that so much of our chronic illnesses are caused by persistent negative emotions, especially stress. And as he puts it, “Tapping is one of the most directed and powerful ways to peel away those layers of chronic stress. It’s very effective for very difficult problems.”

If you want to learn about the 1 critical thing you need to do to overcome illness, create long term lasting health, or just get over regular stress and feel better, then I highly recommend you watch this video with Dr. Hyman:

In this interview, Dr. Hyman shares some pretty amazing information – things that you won’t want to miss, such as…

  • The monkey study that revealed the importance of one particular thing that many take for granted.
  • One of the leading causes of chronic illness that people don’t know about, and that goes all the way back to childhood.
  • Why many of the patients who come to him are in fact doctors who are looking for solutions that work

And much more…

There are 3 things that are critical to healing. Two of them you hear about every day, but the third one we rarely consider, and it is probably the most important. Dr. Hyman talks about all three in this video.

This is the second video in a series of 3 leading up to the Tapping World Summit which starts on Feb. 4th. I’ll be one of the featured speakers in this year’s summit and I’ll be speaking about using EFT to improve your eyesight.

I hope you join us! You can watch the first video with Louise Hay doing some tapping, and register for the free 2013 Tapping World Summit on the same page here:

Dr. Mark Hyman EFT Tapping World Summit 2013

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