Download Help

Most downloads are PDFs and you will need to have a PDF reader installed on your computer. Adobe Reader is free PDF reader and can be downloaded here

If you are having difficulty opening the PDFs, here are some troubleshooting tips:

Still not working?

  • Firefox browser sometimes has trouble opening pdfs. Best to try Internet Explorer
  • Refresh your page and try again.
  • Try to save the file onto the desktop. Right click on the link and Select “save link as …” or “save (target) As” and save it to your computer desktop.
  • Disable “Display PDF in Browser” in Acrobat or Acrobat Reader.  In Acrobat 6 or 7: Edit/Preferences/Internet/Display PDF in Browser. (Uncheck this option.) . Restart your computer if prompted to do so. Click the link to the PDF: You will see a dialog box to open the file with Acrobat or save it to disk. Choose “Open” and the file will open in a new window.

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