Dogs are Like Buddhas with Paws

They make the best teachers when we stop to listen and understand what they’re saying to us.

Amazing what you’ll find at the end of your dog’s leash.

Did you know that everything in your world is reflected back to you through your pet’s eyes, so you and I can become better humans; more loving, more caring, more responsible?

Energetically, our relationship to our animals is like a powerful mirror held up to our behavior as well as theirs.

Our pets are here to teach us important crucial life lessons and it doesn’t matter where the classroom begins; a dog breeder, a dog pound, a no-kill shelter, a litter, or rescued off the street.

Learn some simple techniques to understand why your Fido behaves the way they do using EFT, Qigong, a guided meditation, and pen and paper.

Once you’ve taken the first steps towards gaining insight into what role you’ve been playing in your pet’s behavior you will find sharing your home with your four footed counterpart much easier. Going for walks will be less of a struggle, training and disciplining will be more rewarding, and playtime will be joyful for both you and your pet.

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Lillian Fimbres is one of the co-founders of TapFest as well as a trained Qigong and EFT Practitioner living in the New York Metro area working on her ebook for improving you and your pet’s life, Buddha with Paws.

Lillian is filling in for Jondi Whitis who is on vacation. Leave your questions on the Lillian Fimbres Facebook page or call in during the live show.

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