DAY 9 of Hay House World Summit

It may be the second-to-last day of the first-ever World Summit, but there’s no stopping us now!

The conversations available to you today will all offer reassuring guidance. Discoveries in psychology and neurology, among other fields, are the source of exciting information that will reveal how to work with the science of your brain to improve relationships, heal wounds, and relax.

Other conversations will focus on faith and fulfillment in today’s face-paced and material-centered world. Find comfort deep in your soul when today’s authors speak on authenticity, self-love, and a special kind of mediumship that focuses on those transitioning to the Other Side.


Remember, each day of the Summit interviews will be available for listening at 11am Eastern Standard Time. Within that day, you can listen whenever is convenient for you, as many times as you like.

How to Live in Heaven on Earth
Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D. Conversation with Joan BorysenkoAre you interested in learning about what the latest scientific developments are telling us? Well, Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D., addresses such topics as genetics, biochemistry, quantum physics, and psychology . . . and what they’re telling us about love, peace, health, stress, and the conscious mind. But don’t be intimidated that you won’t be able to follow such a scientific discussion, since Bruce possesses the gift of being able to explain complex subjects in such a way that virtually anyone can understand.
Faith, Forgiveness, and What It Means to Heal
Iyanla Vanzant Conversation with Michael NeillIn this interview, Iyanla stresses the importance of having a spiritual practice and how immensely difficult healing is without it, and she also talks about the ways that she receives guidance from and communicates with God. In addition, she and Michael share their beliefs on the topic of relationships, and from these insights the lessons on how to love and treat ourselves flow. You absolutely do not want to miss this unique opportunity to listen to Iyanla share her wisdom in such a candid, intimate way!
The Conversation of the Century
Neale Donald Walsch Conversation with Michael NeillAs many people near the end of their lives here on this planet, they look back at all that they’ve created and accomplished and wonder, What was the point? Neale explains that when material possessions, wealth, and social status become objectives in and of themselves, this leads to a very shallow existence. But there is an easier and much more fulfilling way. Discover profound insights and life-changing principles that will create the fulfillment and happiness we’re all seeking.
How to Tune In and Trust Your Vibes
Sonia Choquette Conversation with John Holland
Exercise IncludedIn this fascinating interview, Sonia shares the secrets to six-sensory living. You’ll learn many practical tools and exercises on how to turn on your intuition and make it work for you. Sonia also provides a powerful guided meditation that will help you tap into your Divine force within. As a bonus, you’ll learn ways to reduce stress, anxiety, and fatigue. Trust your inner wisdom, and experience a more authentic, fearless, and joyful life starting today!
The Presence of Love
Gabrielle Bernstein Conversation with Robert HoldenGabby shares with listeners how to reclaim the presence of self-love, pay attention to the guidance we receive, surrender our fears to a power greater than ourselves, and bringing gratitude and forgiveness into our lives in order to open up to forgiveness. As Gabby tells us, “The presence of love is working on our behalf all the time. We just need to tune in.”
A Medium’s Take on Dying and the Afterlife
Maureen Hancock Conversation with John Holland
Exercise IncludedMaureen Hancock, author of The Medium Next Door, uses her mediumship abilities in a unique way: to ease the transitions of those about to pass away. She provides answers to their questions about what’s on the other side and who will be there to greet them, and offers comfort to the loved ones they leave behind. Maureen even leads listeners through a powerful meditation that she usually does with those who are close to passing on.
Vianna Stibal Conversation with Jessica Ortner
Exercise IncludedVianna goes in depth into the healing power that ThetaHealing possesses, and she even takes listeners through two very moving meditations. A proven healer, Vianna also explains with great clarity what it takes to heal and the common blocks that people encounter as they’re working to heal themselves or others.
The Effects of Childhood Emotional Trauma on Health
Dawson Church, Ph.D. Conversation with Jessica OrtnerHave you ever felt held back by limiting beliefs? Listen in to this interview as Dawson teaches you how to remove these beliefs from your psyche and accomplish your goals. He describes the four basic brain waves and their importance in expressing emotion and accessing creativity—each one can point to a different state of alertness or relaxation. During this insightful discussion, Dawson relays the importance of continually using relaxation techniques to stimulate calming brain waves.
The 7 Keys to Prosperity and Abundance
Joe Vitale Conversation with Jessica OrtnerBest-selling author Joe Vitale, who is also an inspiring teacher and sought-after guest on major television networks, offers his money principles: seven practical, fun, and easy-to-apply steps that will take you from struggle to security and from fear to freedom. Joe explains how to dissolve your negative beliefs about your own self-worth and start cultivating an attitude of abundance. Break free from worry and lack, and take inspired action toward peace, prosperity, and happiness!
Complexion Perfection: Your Guide to Your Skin
Kate Somerville Conversation with Jessica OrtnerYour skin is the first thing that people see about you as well as your body’s largest organ, so its care is important not only for attractiveness but for your health as well. In this interview, Kate Somerville, one of Hollywood’s hottest facialists, teaches you how to care for your skin through all the different stages of life. She offers solutions to the changing concerns you’ll have, from acne and pore size to spots and wrinkles.
Evolution of the Soul
Ilona Selke Conversation with Michael GördenInternational author and teacher Ilona Selke talks about our path to develop into multidimensional beings.Trying to use our inherited magical ability of manifestation invariably leads us to discover methods of transforming our blockages, and further leads us to discover the all-powerful connection of our soul to the Source. As a human-being we usually wish to discover the deeper abilities of our soul, and to fulfill our life’s purpose. Ilona explains that our evolutionary path as a human being here on Earth is really multi-fold. She gives us a powerful exercise for realizing our multidimensionality and she talks about her experience of cosmic consciousness she found in communication with the dolphins.

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