Tapping World Summit 2014 Day 8

DAY 8 – Tapping World Summit 2014

When Life Feels Stuck: A Guided Tapping Meditation to Help You Move Forward – that is the guided mediation led by Jessica, that goes along with DAY 8 presentations in the Tapping World Summit.

DAY 8 presentations are: “Your Life Purpose – Finding Inner Clarity and Meaning with Tapping” and “When You’re Stuck – Overcoming Frustration and Creating Self-Acceptance”

Rick Wilkes is an Emotional Freedom Coach and Trauma and Pain Relief Specialist with over 18 years of experience.

Paul Scheele has a unique blend of expertise that combines neurosciences, business, psychology, and learning which facilitates problem solving, creativity, communications, and leadership development. He earned his doctorate in Leadership and Change and holds degrees in Biology and in Adult Learning and Human Development Technologies.

Day 8
Getting The Momentum Going…

Rick Wilkes
When You’re Stuck – Overcoming Frustration and Creating Self-Acceptance 
In this much needed presentation, you’ll learn:

  • How to retrain our primitive brain and help the healing process
  • How to clear anger and frustration around healing
  • The life-changing concept of body forgiveness

Dr. Paul Scheele
Your Life Purpose – Finding Inner Clarity and Meaning with TappingIn this purposeful presentation, you’ll learn:

  • How to calm anxiety and listen to your intuition
  • Understand the difference between goal setting and your life purpose
  • How to Bridge the gap with goal setting
  • A surefire way to align your goals with your life purpose.

Registered here for the 6th Annual Tapping World Summit

  • It’s free to attend!
  • The event is 100% content only, with the speakers sharing their best information (no products are pitched during these presentations)
  • Over 10 DAYS you’ll get to hear from over 20 of the world’s top EFT Experts sharing with you (for free) their unique perspective on how to use EFT Tapping on a wide variety of life topics
  • It’s perfect for introducing your family and friends to EFT Tapping.
  • Both beginners and advanced EFT-ers will benefit from attending. The event begins off with simple, easy to follow instructions in EFT (Tapping 101) and builds to more complex topics.
  • Just by listening and tapping along with the presentations you will get stress relief and lean how to apply EFT tapping to support yourself in your every day life experiences.

The Tapping World Summit’s mission is to get EFT tapping out to as many people as possible. Just think, if every one knew how to use tapping to heal from trauma, and feel happier, we would be living in a better world.

So please share this with everyone you know!

They have made it very easy to attend – it’s all online so you can easily listen from the comfort of your home or wherever you have access to the internet.

Registered here for the 6th Annual Tapping World Summit

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