DAY 4 – Tapping World Summit 2013

Pain Relief is the topic presented by Gwenn Bonnell and Rick Wilkes on Day 4 of the Tapping World Summit which begins tonight starting at 5 PM Pacific / 8 pm Eastern.

You can listen online for free to each presentation ANYTIME for 24 hours.

There are two presentations on each day.

DAY 4 of the Tapping World Summit – Pain Relief

Join 20 of the World’s leading EFT and Tapping Experts in this FREE Online Event as They Show you Step by Step How to Improve Your Finances, Health, Emotions and Much More…

The Tapping World Summit is a way for you to improve the quality of your life in a tangible and real way. Tapping works on so many things because it’s been scientifically proven to re-wire the brain.

For 10 consecutive days you’ll be able to learn how to use EFT and actually implement it in your own life so that you can actually SEE and FEEL real results.

Gwenn Bonnell

Gwenn Bonnell

The Simple Way to Tap Away Those Constant Headaches – Gwenn Bonnell

By the end of this exciting segment, you’ll:

  • Understand why your pain medications might be making your headaches worse
  • Uncover the hidden stresses that are probably causing your migraines
  • Learn how to use your soon-to-vanish headaches as stepping stones to new successes

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Rick Wilkes

Rick Wilkes

Put an End to Your Pains with EFT – Rick Wilkes

In this insightful interview, you’ll:

  • Hear how Tapping can ease stored trauma in any part of your body
  • Tap to relieve “sticky’ emotions that could be causing your most chronic pains
  • Gain insight into how you can use EFT to finally get over the limiting belief that you’ll never be healed

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