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Creation Definition with A Course in Miracles Lessons 321 to 330

What is Creation? Do we have creative power and what is its Source? Is it possible to create ourselves or have we already been created?

A Course in Miracles teaches, “Creation is the sum of all God’s Thoughts, in number infinite, and everywhere without all limit. Only love creates, and only like itself.” Pg 461 Lessons.

Today, with Eloisa Ramos we explore the creation definition and why it is the opposite of all illusions and why it can never suffer loss.

The Cause or creative Source of what we are, we call by many names, God, Creator, Universe, Life Force, Life Energy, etc. because words cannot capture the knowledge of what we are and therefore, what our Source is. Yet, “God’s memory is in our holy minds, which know their oneness and their unity with their Creator.” Pg. 461 Lessons.

Today we ask, “Let our function be only to let this memory return, only to let God’s Will be done on earth, only to be restored to sanity, and to be but as God created us.” Pg. 461 Lessons.

For more information about Eloisa Ramos, her book Beyond Self-esteem: Discovering Your Boundless Self-worth, EFT and to download a free flowchart of the Ramos Clearing Technique; visit www.healing-with-eft.com

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Eloisa RamosHOST: Eloisa Ramos, AMT Certified EFT Master, combines her study and practice of A Course in Miracle principles with her EFT work and has evolved the Ramos Clearing Technique as a tool to access and release deeply rooted beliefs, images and imprints that cloud awareness to the Divine Truth within us. She is author of Beyond Self-esteem: Discovering Your Boundless Self-worth. For questions or further information on EFT, muscle testing or to purchase a PDF download of her book , or download a free version of the Ramos Clearing Technique flowchart, visit: http://www.healing-with-eft.com/ramos-clearing.html. To schedule a private phone or Skype session with Eloisa, call 707 837-5134 or email [email protected]

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