Creating Wealth & Prosperity

Stephenie Farrell

Creating Wealth & Prosperity with Stephenie Farrell

Step up, stand out & make your BIG GOALS REAL!

Calling all success-minded entrepreneurs, experts and coaches! Are you on a quest to make a BIG impact in the world? Are you driven to share your gifts and talents? Now is the time to step forward! Join us for Creating Wealth & Prosperity with Stephenie Farrell where you’ll move beyond the hidden programming that’s holding you back and get crystal clear on how to step up, stand out & make your BIG GOALS REAL!

Wealth & Prosperity Coach, Stephenie Farrell helps you step up, stand out and make your BIG GOALS REAL! As a certified EFT & Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner, Stephenie leads you through an eye-opening experience to help you uncover the hidden programming that’s stopping you from charging what you’re worth, doubling your income, and shedding those patterns that keep you small, stuck and settling for less. This isn’t just about ‘money mindset’; it’s about empowerment. It’s taking back your power and embracing both your light and your darkness. Forgiving yourself for all your mistakes, letting go of the past and getting ready to create the future you want!

To take the first step forward and download your FREE CREATING WEALTH & PROSPERITY BLUEPRINT.  This special audio and workbook will reveal what is holding you back from stepping up, standing out and making your BIG GOALS REAL!


Stephenie Farrell Wealth & Prosperity


“Stephenie creates a very calming atmosphere over the phone which makes me feel very safe to go deep into whatever arises during our sessions. She holds space with such patience and kindness, I never feel rushed. I am amazed at the breakthroughs that happen in such a short time, it truly attests to how well she co-creates the experience. I would endlessly recommend her to anyone I care deeply about for fast and deep resolutions to financial struggles, and much more because we know they are connected to other things!” – Beth, EFT Practitioner & Emotional Coach


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