Creating Global Healing: Healing the World with Tapping

TappingStar spotlights global healing initiatives for children, with Project LIGHT, the world’s first international youth healing movement. Join TappingStar host Jondi Whitis for the trifecta – ¬†conversation, inspiration and meditation, as we visit Global Healing Project’s Lori Leyden.

Lori is a Ph.D, MBA and Executive Producer as well as founder of both Project LIGHT and Create Global Healing (CGH). She created these new models for global healing and humanitarian aid when establishing an outpost in Rwanda, to deal with some of the worst trauma and genocide the world has ever seen.

Reaching out to these orphans and genocide survivors, Lori realized an ever greater vision for the world. Learn how to you can join her to embrace this empowering healing vision, right now, right where you are.

Ever since Jondi learned about Lori’s work from filmmaker Eric Huurre, she’s been interested in telling Lori’s story to energy workers and meridian tappers everywhere. She’s asked Lori to include a meditation with us, as well as tell us about the new film she’s funding through Indiegogo to share this message with the world. You and your community can join us in this powerful ripple of energy and light. See you there, on TappingStar.

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Host: Jondi Whitis is a NYC based EFT Trainer and Practitioner offering tapping mastery through in-depth, personal training. If excellence is your goal, contact: [email protected] or [email protected]

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