Clear Your Fear Of the Dentist

Many people have had bad experiences at the dentist.

Whether it is fear of the shots or the drill, or fear of repetitive problems after treatment, we often put off dental appointments until it is too late to save a tooth.

Today there are a number of techniques, which make it unnecessary to do deep drilling, as well as a better way to sterilize a tooth so that decay doesn’t crop up later under the new filling.

There are also special minerals to aid in healing the tooth and technologies to help you relax to the degree that for the truly phobic, you no longer need to be put to sleep with drugs during treatment.

In this first of a four part series on the latest innovative techniques in dentistry, we will cover a number of treatments to help keep your teeth in perfect health.

Join Paula today as she explores with Dr. David Winn, a Dentist with an engineering background who uses a combination of innovative techniques, the ideal treatments to correct your dental problems. We will include an EFT protocol, to clear your fear of the dentist and actually help you reframe your attitude toward dentistry from one of crisis intervention, to that of prevention.

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Host: Paula Horan Ph.D. (Laxmi Dechen Wangmo), is a psychologist, Reiki Master, and an author of eight books on meditation, alternative health, and non-dual awareness. Her new book Fierce Innocence, which conveys the wisdom of her Jnana Yoga retreats in fostering a radiant self-confidence, is now available at

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